Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget, Winthrop House Reopens

“Winthrop House opened its doors Saturday following a year-long renovation that included the addition of a new hall to the upperclassman residence and the expansion of common spaces.

The modernization of Winthrop’s two original halls and addition of a new wing named Beren Hall to the western halls came in under budget and ahead of schedule, according to Stephanie R. Robinson, Winthrop’s Faculty Dean. The project added several new facilities to the House and will allow all of Winthrop’s residents to live in the House for the first time in recent memory.”

See Full article in the Harvard Crimson

An excerpt from a letter from Anthony Consigli (CEO of Consigli Construction), himself commending our work on the project:

“Your company’s commitment to working with our project team while adhering to difficult deadlines and maintaining safety and quality has great contributed to a successful outcome for our client. Please take the time to commend your project team.”