Nexamp Solar

Project Info

  • Location

    Whitensville, MA

  • Size

    One megawatt rooftop solar array

  • General Contractor

    Nexamp Inc.

  • Electrical Crew

    18 at peak (6 months)

Project Scope:

Atop National Grid’s New England Distribution Center warehouse roof, our team installed a one-megawatt solar array—the largest rooftop solar array in New England at the time of construction. The project scope included installing solar panels, combiner boxes, piping, wiring, grounding, weather station, and watt-hour meters on the roof, as well as watt inverters and metering inside building.


    • 4,683 Evergreen® 210-watt solar panels
    • 40 combiner boxes
    • Two 500,000-watt inverters and metering
    • 2,400 feet of 2-inch Rigid Steel Conduit (RSC)
    • 6,800 feet of 2.5-inch RSC
    • 1,900 feet of .75-inch RSC
    • 18,500 feet of 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0 cable