Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA)

Project Info

  • Location

    Deer Island, Chelsea, Quincy, and South Boston, MA

  • Size

    4 Pump Stations

  • General Contractor

    Lynnwell Associates

  • Electrical Crew

    16 (18 months)

Project Scope:

We partnered with the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) to install new SCADA Control System at the pump stations. This complex project involved comprehensive coordination with MWRA staff across four active sewage treatment plants.

Installation Highlights:

  • Thousands of feet of PVC-coated rigid conduit, fittings, and boxes
  • SCADA control cabinets at four treatment plants
  • Sensors, level, flow, and gas instrumentation throughout four pump stations
  • Daily coordination and scheduling with the MWRA plant operations staff